Dee Street Halt

Opened: 6th February, 1961.
Closed: 28th February, 1966.

Dee Street Halt was a short-lived station on the Desside Extension Railway which opened in 1859 and formed part of the route from Aberdeen to Ballater. It was situated around 800 yards west of Banchory Station, and its purpose was to serve the town of Banchory better than the main station which was some distance from the centre of the town. The structure was exceptionally simple, consisting of a very short wooden platform reached from the street by a long wooden staircase. There was no shelter and only oil lamps were provided. By the time of closure all passenger services on the branch were worked by diesel multiple-unit trains, after an experiment with battery-electric railcars from 1958 to 1962. Dee Street Halt opened on 6th February, 1961, and closed when the Deeside line passenger service was withdrawn on 28th February, 1966.

A morning Ballater to Aberdeen train pauses at Dee Street Halt in August 1965. [A. Muckley]